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About Me

Second Life  Adult Photographer

Model | Blogger | Pose Maker | DJ

I am very passionate about my work. I am in love with eroticism and sensuality, and capturing it on 'film', as well as adding a bit of 'mood' music.

I'm a retired club owner, manager and stripper.

Also retired creator of Black Rose Designs. 

Overall, I'm a great person who enjoys helping others (within reason). I'm shy at first, but once you get to know me, I'll talk your ear off, and make you laugh. I'm not a competitive person and I respect the work of others. I am known for my patience and loyalty; However, dishonesty and disloyalty does not bode well with me. I'm pretty transparent. And... I do believe in Karma. 

Enjoy your time in my gallery, and enjoy the work of other great artists in this virtual world we call Second Life.

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